It’s safe to say that times are strange and maybe a little extraordinary right now due to the global health crisis that COVID-19 has caused. Many people are facing a difficult time with the uncertainty of the coming weeks. 


Information in the United States from the CDC and the White House seem to change drastically from last week to this week. New information will be coming out for a long time as doctors learn more about the coronavirus every day. According to the New York Times, New York is the state that has been hit the hardest so far. Even so, it's quite serious everywhere in the United States making it a trying time for everyone in the nation, regardless if you live in New Jersey, California, or anywhere else.


In the midst of all of this chaos, it's important to keep looking forward and cherish the things you do have. For example, getting to practice social distancing with the one you love. With all of this extra time together due to the coronavirus outbreak, you may be thinking it's time to pop the question, but do you know how to propose during this time so you can successfully tie the knot?

Don't let the novel coronavirus rain on your proposal ideas. Here are a few tips for proposing to your quarantine cutie during the coronavirus pandemic. Best of all, you'll have plenty of time to make your wedding plans together afterward. Here are some tips from proposing using lab-grown diamonds and man-made diamonds. 


Dazzle Her With a Stunning Diamond

The star of every proposal and the darling of the wedding industry is the diamond ring. There's nothing more classic or romantic. No matter what circumstances you're getting engaged under, the right ring for your woman will bring the "wow" factor you need and deserve. 


In order to find the perfect fit, you should consider how you'll procure a ring at this time, the cut, where your diamond was sourced, and the overall price of the ring.

Can't Shop in Person? No Problem.

Due to the need for social distancing, you won't be able to pick out your engagement ring in person. If you’re asking how to propose, this can complicate things quite a bit. Thankfully, with the internet, that's a problem of yesteryear. You'll be able to shop while in quarantine for absolutely incredible rings online. If you're feeling like that sounds risky, think again. 


Agape Diamonds offers thirty-day hassle-free return policies. If you get the ring in the mail and have second thoughts about the design you picked, you'll be able to easily return it and change your order, as long as you do it within the thirty-day period. If you're worried about sizing her ring correctly, no sweat. Agape Diamonds offers a sizing guide to help you on the right track, and if you go to slip it on, and it's still not right, you can get it resized for free.

Design Done Right

Getting to pick a design and cut that feels personal and closest to your loved one's taste is half the fun when you’re coming up with how to propose. There are so many options to choose from. Whether you want a radiant, round, princess, emerald, cushion, halo, or heart cut diamond depends on the person you're buying for. If that list feels overwhelming, you should think about enlisting a close friend or family member to help you choose the cut that will impress your soon-to-be wife. 


Agape offers all of those cuts and more. With a variety of ring designs, you're sure to find something as unique and beautiful as the woman you love. The first time she lays eyes on her engagement ring, she'll feel like the Duchess of Cambridge. You might not be Prince William or live in Buckingham Palace, but she'll love the effort and thought you put into picking her engagement ring. The design is one of the biggest components of your proposal ideas.

Ethical Beauty

When choosing diamonds for both the engagement ring and the wedding ring an important thing to consider is if your diamonds have been ethically sourced. Try to leave as little impact on humanity as possible by selecting conflict-free diamonds. This is one of the tips for proposing that you shouldn’t ignore. 


You can't go wrong with Agape Diamonds, because all the diamonds are 100 percent conflict-free. You can choose from simulated diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, man-made diamonds,, or earth diamonds that are all stunning and of the highest quality.

Save Money, Keep Quality

With Agape Diamonds' products, you can save a significant amount of money without sacrificing quality. Agape Diamonds offers such affordable prices by cutting out the "middlemen," which seriously inflate prices at other retailers. If money is tight due to coronavirus, an important question might be, "can you afford to propose right now?" 


The bottom line is that you need to think about your finances and proposal ideas seriously, because you could be in a different situation now than you were last Friday. The important thing is to take all decisions seriously and listen to the advice of government agencies like the CDC or the vice president. If you have the money but want to be safe, Agape Diamonds has financing that helps you buy now and pay later, ensuring that you can propose as soon as possible.

Make Your Love Blossom

If you need some quality proposal ideas, consider this: Even if you're under a shelter in place, you're still allowed to take a walk. All throughout spring, cherry blossoms are blooming in different locations around the United States. If you live close to where the blooms are happening, or can easily drive without making extra stops, secure your ring in a coat pocket, grab your face masks, and propose to her in a scenic outdoor area. Your announcement photos on social media will be loved by the masses with a romantic, pink flowery backdrop. Wondering how to propose? This could be the perfect backdrop for a romantic moment. 


Best of all, the news of your wedding will give people something positive to talk about on social media instead of discussing the coronavirus. In fact, with more people on social media than ever because of being in quarantine, more people are likely to see your announcement than ever online. Take a couple of fun engagement photos, face masks and all. That will be something to show the grandkids someday. If you know who your best man or bridesmaids will be, letting them know you want them involved in your wedding will also make them happy as they deal with handling the news about the novel coronavirus.

Celebrate Virtually

Since social gatherings aren't recommended at this time—and it's not like they'll be allowed even next week—you have to get creative in letting everyone know of your impending nuptials. Don't allow the travel ban to stop you. Let your friends and family members in on your plans beforehand, and create a Zoom engagement party with all of your loved ones. They will want a play by play of the marriage proposal from start to finish, and what better way at this time than gathering them together on a technological platform. 


You'll have to field a bunch of questions like, “Is the wedding next year?" and "Have you thought about where you're holding the ceremony? You'll have to get your marriage license through the correct state marriage bureau." Everyone becomes a wedding expert after you get engaged. After the big day of the proposal is over, you two will be passing the time looking for a wedding planner, hunting for the perfect wedding dress, and picking a wedding date.

Best- Laid Plans

If you were already in the midst of crafting proposal ideas and had paid someone to help you organize the event, you may just want to postpone the original date. Come up with a contingency plan and see if the business will honor it. The bottom line is that it's not worth risking people's safety for your proposal plans, and that business should be particularly understanding given the circumstances. By following these tips for proposals and researching both lab-grown diamonds and man-made diamonds, you’re setting yourself up for a beautiful proposal.