While it’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has derailed plans right and left, being forced to stay at home, has definitely brought out the creativity in some of us, even if it feels like there is not much romance going on while you sit around in your pajamas, binge-watching shows on Netflix. 

If you were planning the perfect proposal with the perfect engagement ring before COVID-19 shut down the world, there is good news: you can still create a romantic proposal at home. Check out some ways you can propose during the pandemic with a beautiful diamond engagement ring, whether you choose to use a natural diamond or synthetic diamonds.

The good part is that, in general terms, a lab-grown diamond are pretty much the same as a natural diamond. If you're worried about the ethics of diamond mining or if the phrase "blood diamond" or "conflict diamond" makes you rethink the ethical choice, look at a few jewelry guides to see what lab-created diamonds are all about. In today's diamond market, recent years have shown diamond growth in the lab-created diamonds niche. If you want the perfect ring, you need to find a jeweler with years of experience working with these types of diamonds. It can also help you with future purchases.

Lab diamonds are great because the only difference between those and a mined diamond is the crafting process. It's impossible for the naked eye to tell the difference and every facet of the polish, brilliance, and sparkle are the same. Whether it's a pear or emerald cut, it takes a trained gemologist to distinguish a lab diamond from its counterpart. 

If you do choose lab diamonds, retailers such as Agape Diamonds sell their diamond engagement rings and beautiful jewelry online, which means you do not even have to take the risk of going into a local store or jeweler and potentially catching the virus. Avoid the cost of diamonds from other jewelers like De Beers or James Allen by purchasing a wholesale, ethically-created lab-grown diamonds that still have the same clarity as a natural diamond.

Take a romantic walk in one of your favorite spots.

While we do still have to practice social distancing, most of us in the United States can still go out and exercise. If the two of you have a favorite spot where you go on walks, take a romantic walk and pop the question while you are there with the halo engagement ring you bought. Since it is a special spot for you already, then it will be a meaningful proposal. If you are near the coast, consider a beach proposal at sunset for the perfect backdrop. The sunset will make the lab-created diamonds sparkle that much more.

Transform your home into a beautiful vacation spot.

If you were one of the many Americans who had their vacations canceled due to the pandemic and were planning to propose there, you can still create a beautiful proposal at home. If your partner leaves on an essential trip to the grocery store or has to head out for a shift at work, then take that time to decorate your home in the theme of your planned vacation. Were you planning to go to Europe? Hang fairy lights and decorate with Paris-themed items so you can still propose in Paris with your white gold lab-created diamond ring created using high pressure-high temperature (HPHT) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques.

Host a group Zoom proposal with your closest friends and family.

Collaborate with your close friends and family to set up a Zoom video call. You can all chat as though things are normal to not set off any suspicions from your partner. Then, drop to one knee and ask them on the call so that everyone can still virtually be there to see the sparkle of the diamonds in the engagement ring that you purchased. After the proposal, you can tell them how you picked a ring with a lab diamond that does not violate ethical standards as some mined diamonds do.

Propose with a home-cooked breakfast in bed.

Set your alarm to wake up early and cook your significant other their favorite breakfast. Arrange it all on a serving tray with the diamond engagement ring box on the tray as well, then wake them up with the breakfast and wait for them to notice the ring that shines with lab-grown diamonds that have the same chemical properties, optical properties, and physical properties of mined diamonds. Keep the carat weight and any other necessary information like laser inscriptions in mind when you're ready to buy. 

Put together a picnic with their favorite foods and set it up in your backyard.

While you may want to set up a picnic at the local park, many across the country are still closed. Instead, you can put together a picnic with all of your partner's favorite foods and create a beautiful set up in your backyard. After you have enjoyed the food, pour a glass of their favorite wine, champagne, or cocktail, and then dazzle them with the perfect engagement ring.

Arrange a board game night and propose with a game card.

Ask your partner to set aside some time for a board game night with you. Create a plan ahead of time where you either modify the game to add in hints about weddings or wait until the end to slip in a game card that reads, "Will you marry me?" Once they either catch on or read the card, show them the white gold, or platinum ring set you purchased for them and wait for them to be wowed by the carat size and clarity of the gemstone.

Create an at-home spa for your partner.

You can create a fun, at-home spa for your partner since it is difficult to go out right now to get nails done. Offer to paint nails for her so that when you propose later, her nails will look perfect for all the photos she will be taking to showcase the gorgeous bling in her engagement ring. 

Why should you choose Lab-Grown diamonds for your ring?

Lab-Grown diamonds are more economical than natural diamonds, which may be important right now during the pandemic when finances may be strapped thin. Buying a lab-created / lab diamond means you do not have to pay for the cost of a natural diamond that is formed under the earth's surface due to a combination of heat and extreme pressure. These lab-grown diamonds are created with a vacuum chamber using high pressure and high temperature. These diamonds result in a process that doesn't require miners, is easy on fossil fuels and gases, and is more ethical than diamond mining. From loose diamonds to vintage engagement rings, there will be plenty of merchandise to add to your wish list

Contrary to some beliefs in the diamond industry, lab-grown diamonds are not a diamond simulant like Moissanite or cubic zirconia, according to the Gemological Institute of America. Synthetic diamonds have essentially the same properties as natural diamonds and are just as gorgeous and have the same amount of sparkle and shine. 

At Agape Diamonds, we sell classic and timeless engagement rings and wedding bands with many different styles and designer collections. Check for any promotional discounts, a special offer, or clearance promotion that may help you save money, too, but make sure to act before the sale ends. Best of all, each product comes with a lifetime warranty. Find the diamond ring that best represents the true love you share with your partner.