Diamond Clarity


About Diamond Clarity

Clarity refers to the how clean or clear the diamond is. This is determined by how free of inclusions and blemishes the Diamond is. Inclusions refer to the internal characteristics of the Diamond. Blemishes are the on the surface of the Diamond.

The Difference Between Flawless, Imperfect, & VS1 Diamonds

In the world of diamonds, how perfect the clarity of the stone is, also makes a big difference in its value and cost. From flawless to imperfect this rating is based upon the number of inclusions in the gem. The Clarity rating system denotes how much “sparkle” or “fire” each gem produces and are marked as FL for flawless, IF or internally flawed, or the very rare – VVS1 which are considered most excellent in quality.

What is Flawless?

The definition of a “flawless” diamond is one that under a jeweler’s magnification of 10xs, no external or internal imperfections can be seen. Those with the least amount of blemishes or flaws, become the most highly prized and the most expensive, Buying an Agape Simulated Diamond has a tremendous advantage over buying a Natural Earth-Mined Diamond because each one is carefully crafted to be nearly flawless in every way at a fraction of the cost.

The Agape Simulated Diamond

Up Close and Personal

An engagement ring of this caliber, if it had natural diamonds could cost $10,000 and up, but for an Agape Simulated Diamond engagement ring, the price is usually under $2,000 and they resemble almost the same clarity and radiance of a natural earthg-mined diamond without the hefty price tag to the earth, its people or your wallet.

Benifits of the Agape Simulated Diamond

No need for harmful mining operations
Each Simulated Diamond is crafted to be nearly flawless
Simply Saving you, your hard earned Dollars
Each Agape Simluated Diamond comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Lifetime Warranty
Fully Backed By Agape Diamonds
Lifetime Warranty.

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