Diamond Cut



About Diamond Cuts

The Cut is by far the most important aspect of a Beautiful Diamond. The Cut is what allows the Diamond to radiant the maximaum amount of light through the top of the Diamond.

The Art of a Skilled Gemstone Cutter

The faceting and polishing is one of the most crucial aspects of the stone and here is where you can get different qualities of stones with the same clarity, color and carat weight. The fluorescence, fire and sparkle of the stone can only be achieve by the amount of light that refracts from within the stone and this can only be achieved by the faceting and polishing of the stone. All Agape Simulated Diamonds are cut to ideal proportions and they come a written lifetime warranty that if they will ever fade and loose their brilliance, Agape Diamonds will replace it free of charge.

Diamond Characteristics

The Agape Simulated Diamond Ideal Cut

In the jewelry industry, the Ideal Cut was first developed in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky, a Belgian diamond cutter. Less than 15% of all diamonds reach the Ideal Cut Standard. However a diamond can be cut to look bigger or smaller than it actually is. That’s part of the magic in the hands of a skilled cutter.

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