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Regarded as one of the Premier Simulated Diamonds in the world, our Diamond Simulants are carefully crafted to be nearly flawless and colorless in every way. They resemble the same optical characteristics, have the ability to cut glass and can be shaped into all the same styles as natural diamonds. In most experts’ opinions, the Agape Diamond is a superior alternative to a natural diamond, because for the same cut, clarity, color, and carat size of a natural diamond that would fetch tens of thousands of dollars, our simulated diamonds of VVS1 quality rating are a mere fraction of the cost.

The Raw Truth

It is almost impossible for the naked eye to distinguish the Agape Simulated Diamond from a real natural diamond. Because they resemble the same optical characteristics, radiance and beauty as a natural stone even jewelers have a hard time telling the difference; and because they are not created from carbon, they don't have any imperfections or inclusions.

We invite you to see for yourself why smart buyers have made Agape Simulated Diamonds their natural choice.

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The 4 C’s Of Diamonds


The cut is one of the most crucial aspects of any diamond. The fluorescence, fire and sparkle that refracts from within the stone can only be achieve by the faceting and polishing of the stone.

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Clarity refers to the how clean or clear the diamond is. In the world of diamonds, how perfect the clarity of the stone is, makes a big difference in its value and cost. 

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Colorless diamonds do not have any hues and they are also known as “white diamonds”.  Because Color is highly valued, the less color a diamond has, the more valuable it is.

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Carat is the measure of how much a diamond weighs. Carat is also related to size but depending on the shape of the stone and how well is cut, two diamonds with the same carat weight can be different sizes.

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The Agape Differance

What Is a Simulated Diamond?

A Simulated Diamond is a man-made single crystal, which can be manufactured with different materials and designed to simulate the appearance, but not duplicate the characteristic properties of a natural gemstone.

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The Agape Simulated Diamond
vs. Natural Diamonds

Not all Simulated Diamonds achieve the look and feel of a natural diamond. Not only your stone has to look like a diamond, but it must also have some of the same optical characteristics.

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The Agape Simulated Diamond
vs. CZ and Moissanite

Our Simulated Diamonds are different from inexpensive CZ and Moissanite in several ways. These differences result in a superior diamond simulant that better resembles the qualities of a natural diamond.

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