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Lifetime Warranty



Agape Diamonds offers a Lifetime Warranty on all merchandise sold against defects in manufacturing. If your jewelry item needs repair or exchange due to a manufacturing defect, Agape Diamonds will repair or exchange the item Free of Charge.


Learn More about Agape's Risk Free Shopping Policy.


When returning your Jewelry for repair or exchange, please complete our Agape Service Request Form.


Although our Diamond Simulants are resistant to damage by heat or scratching, they do require the same degree of care as natural diamonds, rubies or emeralds. See our Jewelry Care Guide to learn how to avoid damaging your jewelry. Please note that Agape Diamonds is not responsible for accidental physical damage, loss or theft. In addition, any repair work performed by anyone other than Agape Diamonds will void any and all warranties since chipping can also occur when stress is placed on any gemstone during setting, un-setting or in a host of other manners. 


Jewelry like any other product requires maintenance and periodic review. We suggest that you have your Agape Diamond Jewelry thoroughly checked every 12 months to ensure the integrity of your setting. Please see the Agape Service Request Form.