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Agape Simulated Diamond Vs Natural Diamonds

If you are in the market for a diamond simulant, you want to make sure that the one you buy will truly resemble the look and feel of a natural diamond. Not only does it have to look like a diamond, but it must also have some of the same optical characteristics.


Diamond Comparisons

Designer Engagement Ring Close up

Three questions you should ask yourself when choosing a Diamond Simulant:

1. Is it as brilliant as a natural diamond?

2. Is it faceted like a natural diamond?

3. Does it cut glass like a natural diamond?

If YES to all 3 of these questions?

Congratulations you have found a high quality Simulated Diamond!

Is your answer is NO to any of these questions?
See the details of The Agape Simulated Diamond to find the highest quality Simulated Diamond Online.

Properties Agape Simulated Diamond Mined Diamond
Clarity Flawless VVS1
Color Colorless (D) Tints Of Yellow
Cut Ideal Sporadic
Internal Flaws None Inclusions and Feathers
Brilliance Excellent (7.40) Excellent (7.40)
Dispersion Excellent (0.56) Excellent (0.44)
Refraction Superlative (2.20) Superlative (2.40)
Hardness 8.6 - 8.9 10
Porosity .097 .096
Final Polish Excellent Sporadic
Lifetime Warranty Yes No
Price Per Carat $140 $12,000

The Agape Simulated Diamond™

Up Close and Personal

An engagement ring of this caliber, if it had natural diamonds could cost $10,000 and up, but for a simulated diamond engagement ring, the price is usually under $2,000 and it has almost the same clarity and radiance of a natural diamond without the hefty price tag to the earth, its people or your wallet.

Benefits of the Agape Simulated Diamond™


No need for harmful mining operations 


Each Simulated Diamond is crafted to be nearly flawless


Simply Saving you, your hard earned Dollars


Each Agape Simluated Diamonds comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Lifetime Warranty

Fully Backed By Agape Diamonds Learn more

What Is a Agape Simulated Diamond™?

A Simulated Diamond is a man-made single crystal, which can be manufactured with different materials and designed to simulate the appearance, but not duplicate the characteristic properties of an earth-mined natural diamond.

The Agape Simulated Diamond™ vs. Natural Diamonds

Not all Simulated Diamonds achieve the look and feel of a natural diamond. Not only your stone has to look like a diamond, but it must also resemble the qualities of an earth-mined diamond.

The Agape Simulated Diamond™ vs. CZ and Moissanite

Our Simulated Diamonds are different from inexpensive CZ and Moissanite in several ways. These differences result in a superior diamond simulant that better resembles the characteristics and qualities of a natural diamond.

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