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  1. Hope Is Stronger Than Fear: 5 Good Things to Think About

    When you're surrounded by sadness and negativity—like that surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak—it can be hard for even the most optimistic to stay strong. It's true that we need to take the virus seriously—it's capable of causing severe illness, death, and significant changes to the way we live and work. It's easy to stay focused on these negative thoughts, especially when they seem to be the center of every local and national news story.


    But pessimistic thinking under high pressure can be counterproductive. Obviously, there are things you need to know about the pandemic to keep yourself and those around you safe, but you don't need to drown yourself in negative thoughts and news stories. Instead, here are five good things to think about to help you move forward with determination and hope.


    Families are spending quality time together.


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  2. There’s a Right and a Wrong Way to Wear an Engagement Ring Set—Here’s How It’s Done

    The way you wear your jewelry defines your personal style, but your engagement ring set reveals so much more—not only does it announce that you're in love, but it tells the world that you've made a lifetime commitment to your significant other. While that distinction is important, there's no rule saying your ring set shouldn't make you feel fashionable and chic. But should you wear both rings on your left ring finger, or should you wear them on two different fingers altogether?


    To help you style your ring set, here are some tips on popular wedding traditions and how to wear wedding bands and engagement rings.


    What's the difference between an engagement ring and wedding ring?


    While the terms are often used interchangeably, each ring signifies a different milestone. There are a few differences between a wedding band and an e

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  3. See What Our Shoppers Are Buying: 5 of Our Most Popular Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Rings

    Lab-created diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to earth-mined diamonds. Lab diamonds are man-made diamonds that consist of carbon atoms arranged in a diamond crystal structure with the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds. In other words, lab diamond rings appear visually identical to natural diamond rings—even jewelry experts find it difficult to distinguish between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds with the naked eye.


    Lab diamonds are not only sought after for their sparkle and brilliance, but they also make a sustainable choice and do not harm the Earth's surface. Lab-created diamonds are also typically more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable clarity, cut, and carat size.


    If you're thinking about tying the knot, here are five of our most popular lab-created diamond engagement rings.

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