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  1. Hope Is Stronger Than Fear: 5 Good Things to Think About

    When you're surrounded by sadness and negativity—like that surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak—it can be hard for even the most optimistic to stay strong. It's true that we need to take the virus seriously—it's capable of causing severe illness, death, and significant changes to the way we live and work. It's easy to stay focused on these negative thoughts, especially when they seem to be the center of every local and national news story.

    But pessimistic thinking under high pressure can be counterproductive. Obviously, there are things you need to know about the pandemic to keep yourself and those around you safe, but you don't need to drown yourself in negative thoughts and news stories. Instead, here are five good things to think about to help you move forward with determination and hope.

    Families are spending quality time together.

    With our busy schedules, it can be difficult for families to find time to connect. Before the pandemic, it was normal to eat lunch alone in front of your laptop instead of sitting together to eat as a family, and we turned to technology for social connection. But with school and office closures and throughout the United States, many families are getting the opportunity to spend quality time together.

    Deepening our family connections can help us counter social distancing from our school and work communities. Instead of being alone together, we're together together.

    A man and a wom

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  2. Sneaky Tips to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

    Purchasing the perfect engagement ring can be exciting as you try to find the gemstone that best signifies your true love for your significant other. With so many rings and ring sets available, the experience can become overwhelming at times as you explore options such as natural diamonds, cubic zirconia, synthetic diamonds, or other stones entirely. 

    Are you searching for a beautiful diamond engagement ring but feel dissuaded by the higher price tag of a large carat diamond at a big-box store? Find out some sneaky ways you can make your engagement ring look larger while still showcasing its beauty.

    Instead of focusing on carats, look at the cut of the diamond.

    Many diamond buyers tend to focus on the carat of diamonds, but there are other ways to give off the illusion that a diamond is bigger. The way a diamond is cut can either create sparkle and flair, or it can be a poorly done cut and the diamond will look duller than it should and be less durable. A well-cut diamond with clarity and a solid crystal structure will look gorgeous and catch the light, giving off an air of a larger-sized diamond to the naked eye.

    Choose a less traditionally shaped diamond.

    More often than not, you will see round diamonds set into rings. While these are of course beautiful, the diamond prices for round diamonds

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  3. Simple Engagement Ring Designs to Love Now and Forever

    Choosing an engagement ring is a huge decision because likely, you will wear that piece for a long timeand you want one that will be timeless and classic so that it always matches the current fashion trends.

    Some of those brilliant styles include solitaire diamonds, pavé wedding bands, and others available at Agape Diamonds. With white gold, yellow gold, and platinum band options, you can pick a ring that is worthy of your true love. We use only the best lab-created diamonds so that you will get the beauty of a luxury ring without the high diamond prices associated with mined diamonds. They're durable, shine with brilliance, and look just as crystal-clear as their natural counterparts without impurities. They're created in a special diamond foundry to get that stunning look, just like a natural diamond counterpart. You'll want to add one to your wish list.

    Learn more about just some of the simple diamond engagement ring designs that we have available that you will not find at just any jeweler, local store, or retailers.

    Engagement ring in an engagement box in the sand on a beach

    Asscher Cut Cathedral Ring with Accents

    The Asscher Cut Cathedral engagement ring boasts a four-prong setting with a square-cut diamond. Choose a synthetic diamond from 1 to 3 carats in size for the main stone and then watch it sparkle along with the ac

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