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Simple Engagement Ring Designs to Love Now and Forever

Choosing an engagement ring is a huge decision because likely, you will wear that piece for a long time—and you want one that will be timeless and classic so that it always matches the current fashion trends.

Some of those brilliant styles include solitaire diamonds, pavé wedding bands, and others available at Agape Diamonds. With white gold, yellow gold, and platinum band options, you can pick a ring that is worthy of your true love. We use only the best lab-created diamonds so that you will get the beauty of a luxury ring without the high diamond prices associated with mined diamonds. They're durable, shine with brilliance, and look just as crystal-clear as their natural counterparts without impurities. They're created in a special diamond foundry to get that stunning look, just like a natural diamond counterpart. You'll want to add one to your wish list.

Learn more about just some of the simple diamond engagement ring designs that we have available that you will not find at just any jeweler, local store, or retailers.

Asscher Cut Cathedral Ring with Accents
The Asscher Cut Cathedral engagement ring boasts a four-prong setting with a square-cut diamond. Choose a synthetic diamond from 1 to 3 carats in size for the main stone and then watch it sparkle along with the accent stone underneath that elevates it up from the band for a timeless look. Order a matching wedding band that will complement the ring beautifully.

Princess-Cut Pavé Style Halo Ring
This absolutely classic princess cut ring will shine, as it is a beautiful diamond ring and uses pavé diamonds along the band to add even more luster to the ring. The lab-grown diamond in the middle is a 1.5 carat stone and the band itself holds an additional .30 carats. The carat weight is critical here to get the perfect ring. There is an option to purchase a matching pavé wedding band as well. 

Round Cut Three-Stone Filigree Diamond Ring with Crown Accents
The three stones on this ring signify your love with a beautiful center stone flanked by two smaller stones that are just as gorgeous. Our synthetic diamonds have the same physical properties as natural diamonds, bringing that same sparkle to your significant other's hand without the hefty price tag of mined diamonds. With a total of 3.16 carats of lab created diamonds on their finger, there will be no mistaking this diamond engagement ring as cubic zirconia or another diamond simulant. The beautiful filigree pattern offers a classic accent that is also timeless. The price of lab diamonds is a great value.

Emerald-Cut Tiffany Style Diamond Ring
Cut to look like the shape of emeralds, this Tiffany-style diamond ring is elegant and refined for the perfect engagement ring. This four-prong setting firmly holds your 1-3 carat synthetic diamond in place as it reflects the light around it, stunning all who take a look at it. Buy a ring set so that you will have the matching merchandise for your gem in either rose gold, gold, or platinum. It's a great way to avoid buyer's remorse. 

Round Cut Infinity Design Ring

Show that your love will last forever with the round cut infinity design ring. The carat of diamond in this ring is a total of 1.70 including the stones in the band. In the middle, a round cut lab diamond glitters in the light. The tasteful accent diamonds provide extra shimmer for anyone who happens to catch a glimpse of this magical ring.

Antique-Style Round Cut Diamond Ring
The timelessness of this design is in the ring's name. Designed to look like it comes from times past, this antique-style ring is perfect for someone who loves the past decades and history. With 2.5 carats of synthetic diamond, it will outshine others easily. The milgrain frame with accent diamonds coordinates well with the matching band.

Round Cut Euro Style Ring with Channel Set Accents
This classic 4-pronged design will have your significant other swooning with delight when they see the beauty of the main round cut center stone. Who needs natural diamonds when this lab diamond looks pristine and polished? The channel accent diamonds combine with the center stone for a total of 3.2 carats. Consider white gold as a choice for this beautiful setting.

The Advantages of Buying Lab Created Diamonds
When you are planning your diamond engagement ring purchase, you may head to jewelers who sell natural diamonds. Remember, these mined diamonds do cost more and will not match the price of wholesale lab created diamonds. 

Natural diamonds form when carbon atoms are under extreme pressure with the combination of heat and are found below the earth's surface, which is why they need to be mined. If you do want loose diamonds that are natural, we sell ethically sourced real diamonds without the high pressure of worrying where the diamonds were mined or how they were mined.

Natural diamonds also come with "blood diamond" concerns and many feel that they are not ethically sourced, which is why many in the United States are turning to a lab diamond for their jewelry.

Lab-created diamonds are a valued addition to the diamond market, as they can be created by experts well versed in high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques. These diamond growth processes allow us to create gorgeous stones in a vacuum chamber.

To the naked eye, lab-grown diamonds look exactly like real diamonds and in fact, are very difficult to distinguish from real diamonds even when expert gemologists are looking at them for impurities. HPHT diamonds and CVD diamondshave the same clarity, optical properties and chemical properties, according to the Gemological Institute of America, a leading diamond industry expert and gemstone reference. The only difference for this type of diamond is their lower priceand they still hold some resale value if you ever choose to sell them, though it is lower than a natural diamond.You don't have to worry about imperfections, flaws, or blood diamonds when you purchase this flawless imitation. In recent years, it's become a great choice if you don't want to visit a traditional jewelry store or gem lab. You don't even have to worry about the comparison. For a fraction of the price, you can still have simulants and lab-created diamonds that match your preference. In many ways, the gem quality and hardness can't be beaten, whether it's on a necklace, a wedding band, or an earring, so keep these diamonds and their crystal structure in mind for future purchases.  

At Agape Diamonds, we sell beautiful options for synthetic and lab-created diamond rings. Check out our designer collections while you are shopping for the lab-grown diamond ring of your dreams. Often, we offer promotional discounts, a special offer, or clearance sales on our diamond jewelry. If there is a ring you have your eye on, act to purchase before the promotion or sale ends. 

We offer a lifetime warranty on our jewelry to provide you with a safety cushion of knowing that we back our products. It is our hope that you will visit us for all future purchases of diamond jewelry.

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