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  1. Tips for Proposing at Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    While it’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has derailed plans right and left, being forced to stay at home, has definitely brought out the creativity in some of us, even if it feels like there is not much romance going on while you sit around in your pajamas, binge-watching shows on Netflix. 

    If you were planning the perfect proposal with the perfect engagement ring before COVID-19 shut down the world, there is good news: you can still create a romantic proposal at home. Check out some ways you can propose during the pandemic with a beautiful diamond engagement ring, whether you choose to use a natural diamond or synthetic diamonds.

    The good part is that, in general terms, a lab-grown diamond are pretty much the same as a natural diamond. If you're worried about the ethics of diamond mining or if the phrase "blood diamond" or "conflict diamond" makes you rethink the ethical choice, look at a few jewelry guides to see what lab-created diamonds are all about. In today's diamond market, recent years have shown diamond growth in the lab-created diamonds niche. If you want the perfect ring, you need to find a jeweler with years of experience working with these types of diamonds. It can also help you with future purchases.

    Lab diamonds are great because the only difference between those and a mined diamond is the crafting process. It's impossible for the naked eye to tell the difference and every facet of the polish, brilliance, and sparkle are the same. Whether it's a pear or emerald cut, it takes a trained gemologist to distinguish a lab diamond from its counterpart. 

    If you do choose lab diamonds, retailers such as Agape Diamonds sell their diamond engagement rings and beautiful jewelry o

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  2. These Lab-Grown Diamonds are Ethical and Gorgeous

    The Ethical Choice

    In today's world and especially in the United States, we strive to be as conscious as possible about the things we buy. From the food we put into our bodies the cars we drive, many of us research and make adjustments depending on the ethical, economic, and environmental impact our choices will have.

    It only makes sense that, eventually, this conscious way of making decisions would affect our fashion choices—and eventually how we choose our jewelry.

    It's no secret that mined natural diamonds have a huge negative impact, both environmentally and ethically. For every single carat of natural diamond mined, nearly three tons of mineral waste is created. That's a lot of waste for such a small gemstone, and all that damage to the Earth's surface likely isn't worth it. And because children are considered "cheap labor", they are often employed in diamond mines for low wages in dangerous, and sometimes deadly, conditions. This lack of safety measures should make you pause. Most of the world's mined diamonds cannot even be used in the jewelry industry, and are often sold for industrial use in items like drill bits.

    Clearly, mining diamonds has a massive negative impact with very little reward. But what can we, as diamond jewelry consumers, do about this?

    One alternative to a natural diamond is getting jewelry with cubic zirconia. However, cubic zirconia is easily distinguishable from real diamonds to the naked eye, and is more likely to break, scratch, or lose clarity over time. While this is certainly a cheaper and more ethical alternative, it is not the only option when it comes to diamond alternatives.

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  3. How to Choose a Necklace for Your Girlfriend

    As humans, we have been giving each other gifts practically since the beginning of time. Whether you're on the receiving end of a wonderful gift, or you get to see the joy of your loved one opening your gift, gifting is a symbolic way to communicate how you feel for each other.

    During the course of your relationship, the types of gifts you might get your girlfriend, fiance, and eventually, your wife will vary depending on their desires and your relationship.

    But there is one kind of gift that most women agree ondiamond jewelry.

    If you're not quite ready to take the jump and purchase a diamond engagement ring or a wedding ring set, there are so many other choices that will add a little sparkle into her life, and sometimes a simple necklace is just the thing you need to show how much you care.

    When you're buying jewelry for your girlfriend, there are many important factors to take into account. We've made a list of tips and tricks to help you pick out the perfect diamond necklace for the special woman in your life.

    A man and a woman embracing each other in the sunset

    1. Check her jewelry box.

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  4. A Guide to Engagement Ring Financing

    Every single piece of diamond jewelry made by Agape Diamonds is manufactured with the highest quality materials and finished by artisan jewelers, ensuring that their customers get nothing short of the fine jewelry they deserve. And because Agape sells its jewelry straight to the customer without having to go through a jeweler, customers pay two to three times less than at other jewelry stores.

    However, sometimes even a wholesale diamond industry purchase is out of reach for customers, and instead of purchasing a stunning diamond engagement ring, they choose to opt for something more affordable like cubic zirconia, which is significantly different in clarity and quality to the naked eye when compared with a natural diamond or a lab diamond. Needless to say, high-quality items from the jewelry industry don't always make the final wish list

    But choosing a cheaper and less durable gemstone isn't a customer's only option. Sometimes, you can still get the best diamond for your buck. If you want to make a perfect choice as well as the ethical choice, consider some of the natural, synthetic, and lab-created diamond fashion rings created by Agape Diamonds if you're looking for the perfect engagement ring

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