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How to Choose a Necklace for Your Girlfriend

As humans, we have been giving each other gifts practically since the beginning of time. Whether you're on the receiving end of a wonderful gift, or you get to see the joy of your loved one opening your gift, gifting is a symbolic way to communicate how you feel for each other.

During the course of your relationship, the types of gifts you might get your girlfriend, fiance, and eventually, your wife will vary depending on their desires and your relationship.

But there is one kind of gift that most women agree on—diamond jewelry.

If you're not quite ready to take the jump and purchase a diamond engagement ring or a wedding ring set, there are so many other choices that will add a little sparkle into her life, and sometimes a simple necklace is just the thing you need to show how much you care.

When you're buying jewelry for your girlfriend, there are many important factors to take into account. We've made a list of tips and tricks to help you pick out the perfect diamond necklace for the special woman in your life.

1. Check her jewelry box.
Take a look at the jewelry she's already got—specifically her diamond jewelry. This will help you form an idea of what kind of jewelry she likes, and will give you an idea of what might be missing from her collection. Narrowing down her taste will help you make the perfect choice when the time is right, and it will help you get to know her a little better.

As you look at her jewelry and make note of her tastes, pay attention to metal colors and gemstones. Is she allergic to any metals? Does she like sterling silver, or is she more of a rose gold girl? Does she prefer colored gemstones, or does she go for the classic diamond? Does she have a specific taste in fine jewelry that would mean you might need her help or some hints? These are all important things to think about before making a big purchase.

2. Choose the right pendant.
Although Agape Diamonds is known best for its amazing diamond engagement rings, they also offer a variety of other designer and custom jewelry at lower costs than their competitors.

One thing they're especially great at is diamond pendants. Agape Diamonds offers three pendant styles: solitaire, halo, and colored gemstone. These gemstone pendants are certified synthetic diamonds—with the sparkle and clarity of natural diamonds—and each comes with a diamond-cut cable chain.

They offer three pendant styles:

Solitaire Gems - These simple yet elegant pendants are set in a subtle prong setting, keeping the attention on the gemstone itself. There are 10 exquisite cuts to choose from, giving you the opportunity to choose the right gemstone for your girlfriend.
Halo Pendants - With over a dozen styles to choose from, these stunning pendants make the perfect gift for that unique person in your life. The white gold Emerald Cut pendant is the perfect choice if you're looking for something with a little more flair.
Colored Gems- For added style, the colored gems come in Ruby (red), Emerald (green), Sapphire (blue), Topaz (light blue), and Citrine (yellow). Paying attention to colors she prefers will help make this choice easier if you decide to elevate one of these exquisite halo gems.
3. Customize your chain length.
Necklaces are a common and elegant gift, but one problem that many men face when making the purchase is when the jeweler asks about the chain length. While all of Agape Diamonds' pendants come with a diamond-cut chain with a default length, there are many options to choose from to ensure that the necklace is just right.

Part of choosing the right length is just looking at what she wears and getting an idea of the length she prefers. It is also a good idea to pay attention to her neckline (where the top of her shirt meets her chest), to ensure that her necklace isn't falling into her shirt unless she purposely tucks it there.

When in doubt, measure a necklace she already has—ideally one she wears often—to get the exact length she prefers. This will cut out a ton of the guesswork and help you avoid buying something that she might not want to wear very often.

4. Sometimes size does matter.
Some women love flashy and overstated diamond jewelry, while others prefer to have something simple and understated. Paying attention to what she already wears, as well as any special occasions you have coming up, will help you choose just how big (or small) your gems should be.

5. Let her choose.
A lot of men find the jewelry industry to be intimidating. Others may have a girlfriend who's into many different styles and is a little harder to shop for. Regardless of the reason, it's totally okay to take your girlfriend out diamond shopping—whether it's "just to look" so you can get a sense of what she wants, or to actually make the purchase while she's there. She will love it either way. It can also help you decide what carat of diamond would be best.

6. Read some reviews.
If you need a little help making your choice, but you don't want to ruin your surprise by asking your girlfriend outright, you can always read reviews on the products you're thinking of buying! The jewelry industry actually relies heavily on reviews, especially jewelers who sell lab diamonds and synthetic diamonds like Agape, because they speak to the quality and clarity of their products.

7. Make it special.
The purchase is really just part of the gift when it comes to giving diamond jewelry to the woman you love. What makes it even more special is receiving her gift during a memorable moment. Plan a weekend getaway, a fun night out for an anniversary or other special occasion, or even just a simple candlelit dinner at home. Make it romantic. She will see how much effort you put into your gift overall, and it will be that much more memorable.

If you're not interested in the traditional natural diamonds but you don't want to settle for something like cubic zirconia, you can even opt for a lab diamond. While the term "lab diamond" might sound strange, lab-created diamonds, diamond simulants, and even synthetic diamonds have some key advantages over traditionally mined diamonds or natural diamonds. While "real diamonds" may seem like a good investment, sometimes you won't find a good price without promotional discounts. Without promotional discounts, you could be looking at some high prices.

By comparison, lab-grown diamonds are almost impossible to tell apart with the naked eye. They have some of the same key optical properties and physical properties as natural diamonds along with some similar chemical properties. Though they maintain a lower resale value, they’re a great option for a more frugal buyer. In the United States, lab diamonds were original created for industrial use. These days, the diamond industry benefits greatly from the added safety measures and inclusions these diamonds offer.

Lab diamonds are created by using a high pressure-high temperature setting like a vacuum chamber or sealed chamber. The high temperature and high pressure work together to create some of our designer collections that are a more ethical choice than other United States jewelers.The best part is that both the International Gemological Institute and the Gemological Institute of America verify these lab-created diamonds much like they do traditional diamonds. If you want the best diamond without spending too much, lab-created diamonds are an excellent option.

And maybe, just maybe, there will come a day when you're ready to look at diamond engagement rings…...

If you want more necessary information on lab diamonds and other high-quality products, contact the Agape Diamonds support team or customer service department. You may even find a special offer on our designer collections of diamond fashion rings and necklaces, custom engagement rings, and loose diamonds on your wish list. We're here to help with all your future purchases.

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