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  1. Engagement Ring Shopping? Here's Everything You Need to Know

    So, you're ready to take the next step and purchase an engagement ring. Congratulations! For an engaged couple, buying an engagement ring and wedding band is an exciting time, one that should be cherished, not stressed over. With education, research, and help from the diamond experts at Agape Diamonds, you'll be able to find the perfect diamond engagement ring in no time. Whether you're planning to incorporate the element of surprise or shop with your fiancé, here's the ultimate guide to finding your dream ring.


    Buying an Engagement Ring 101: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Engagement Ring


    The process of buying an engagement ring is unique for every couple, but this guide can help you break it down into easy-to-follow steps.


    Step 1: Set your budget.


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  2. 2020 Engagement Ring Trends

    Spring is in the air—and so is engagement season!


    Whether you're ready to pop the question now or you're waiting for the right moment and just want to be ready, we've got you covered with a list of some of the most popular engagement rings trending right now.


    We fully understand that engagement ring trends come and go—but diamonds are forever. If you're afraid of going with a popular engagement ring choice because it might not be popular in five or ten years, don't worry; nothing says "forever" like the time and thought that goes into picking the perfect engagement ring trends.


    There are so many styles to choose from, but here are some of our absolute favorites!


    Rose Gold Rings


    Rose gold has been one of

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  3. 10 Interesting Facts About Diamonds That You May Not Have Known 

    We see diamonds everywhere—in jewelry, such as in diamond engagement rings, and in bracelets that sparkle. While the traditional diamond and gold ring has maintained popularity in the United States for a long time, diamond uses are evolving. We even see them in blades and drill bits that are made to break down other materials. But what exactly are diamonds? Where do they come from, and what other uses do they have?


    Interesting F

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  4. The differences between mined and manmade diamonds.


    All diamonds are precious, which is why so many people in the United States choose a diamond engagement ring when they pop the question. If you're thinking about buying an engagement ring or any jewelry with these gemstones, you might not have considered where your diamonds come from or how exactly they were made. Doing a little research into this might surprisingly give you peace of mind and inform your decision. There are two types of diamonds: mined and manmade.


    The naked eye probably won't be able to tell the difference between the two types of diamonds, but there are fundamental differences. If you're on the market for diamonds as a buyer, it's a good idea to really understand the difference between mined and manmade diamonds. Here's an easy guide to help you choose.


    What the Experts know about Lab Grown Diamonds


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  5. What is the true cost of a corporate-minded diamond?

    When choosing an engagement ring or a diamond piece of jewelry for someone special, we do it with love in our hearts. That same love should be shared and expressed in the story of the diamond we choose. But do you know the true story and the true cost involved in mining diamonds? The human and environmental impact along the supply chain of diamond mining is massive but shockingly few know about the full extent. First off, how are diamonds mined?


    The Diamond Mining Process

    We all know how to get diamonds: They are formed underground under high pressure and high temperature and need to be mined. Have you ever considered how deep they might be, or what happens to the rock that gets displaced while trying to find them?


    Diamond mine craters are so huge that astronauts can actually see them from space. The average

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