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  1. Love in the Time of COVID-19: Tips for Proposing During a Pandemic

    It’s safe to say that times are strange and maybe a little extraordinary right now due to the global health crisis that COVID-19 has caused. Many people are facing a difficult time with the uncertainty of the coming weeks. 


    Information in the United States from the CDC and the White House seem to change drastically from last week to this week. New information will be coming out for a long time as doctors learn more about the coronavirus every day. According to the New York Times, New York is the state that has been hit the hardest so far. Even so, it's quite serious everywhere in the United States making it a trying time for everyone in the nation, regardless if you live in New Jersey, California, or anywhere else.


    In the midst of all of this chaos, it's important to keep looking forward and cherish the things you do have. For example, getting to practice social distancing with the one you love. With all of this extra time together due to the coronavirus outbreak, you may be thinking it's time to pop the question, but do you know how to propose during this time so you can successfully tie the knot?

    Don't let the novel coronavirus rain on your proposal ideas. Here are a few tips for proposing to your quarantine cutie during the coronavirus pandemic. Best of all, you'll have plenty of time to make your wedding plans together afterward. Here are some tips from proposing using lab-grown diamonds and man-made diamonds. 


    Dazzle Her With a Stunning Diamond

    The star of every proposal and the darling of the wedding industry is the diamond ring. There's nothing more classic or romantic. No matter what circumstances you're g

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  2. Non-Traditional Engagement Rings You Definitely Haven't Seen Before

    Engagement season is upon us, and being engaged is one of the most magical periods of anyone's life. The romantic time before getting married will never be repeated for any couple and it deserves its own unique engagement ring to make sure it is something special. Every engagement, as well as every wedded couple-to-be, is unique, so why not have an alternative engagement ring that reflects that? 


    Here are some ideas on finding a non-traditional ring that will make a splash.


    Choose Something Unique to the Wearer


    The first step in deciding which unique ring suits you and your partner is thinking about what the wearer values. Are they classically traditional? Do they do a lot with their hands on a daily basis? Do they have an affinity for a particular type of gemstone? This could factor into what stone you choose, the cut of the ring, the type of metal, the size, and so many other factors that can go into making your engagement rings unique. This could lead you to options like lab-made diamonds and lab-grown engagement rings.


    Mix Up Your Stone Choice


    The first and perhaps most instantly recognizable change that you could make is switching it up from the traditional diamond engagement ring. If you prefer the look of a diamond ring, why not go for an ethically-sourced diamond or lab-made diamonds to make sure the symbol of your love has as sweet a story as your own? The classic white diamond look can still be achieved but with a harmless origin. This is why lab-grown diamond rings are only growing in popularity.


    At Agape Diamonds

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