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Non-Traditional Engagement Rings You Definitely Haven't Seen Before

Engagement season is upon us, and being engaged is one of the most magical periods of anyone's life. The romantic time before getting married will never be repeated for any couple and it deserves its own unique engagement ring to make sure it is something special. Every engagement, as well as every wedded couple-to-be, is unique, so why not have an alternative engagement ring that reflects that? 


Here are some ideas on finding a non-traditional ring that will make a splash.


Choose Something Unique to the Wearer

The first step in deciding which unique ring suits you and your partner is thinking about what the wearer values. Are they classically traditional? Do they do a lot with their hands on a daily basis? Do they have an affinity for a particular type of gemstone? This could factor into what stone you choose, the cut of the ring, the type of metal, the size, and so many other factors that can go into making your engagement rings unique. This could lead you to options like lab-made diamonds and lab-grown engagement rings.


Mix Up Your Stone Choice


The first and perhaps most instantly recognizable change that you could make is switching it up from the traditional diamond engagement ring. If you prefer the look of a diamond ring, why not go for an ethically-sourced diamond or lab-made diamonds to make sure the symbol of your love has as sweet a story as your own? The classic white diamond look can still be achieved but with a harmless origin. This is why lab-grown diamond rings are only growing in popularity.


At Agape Diamonds, you can opt for a lab-grown diamond, which offers the same sparkle, shine, and even chemical composition as an Earth-mined diamond. Sometimes, it’s tough for even experts to tell the difference. Lab-grown diamond rings give a unique story to the traditional-stone, and wearers can reminisce on their ring’s guilt-free origins for a lifetime. Agape also offers realistic synthetic diamonds as well as ethically-sourced Earth-mined diamonds. If you’ve never considered a lab-made diamond, lab-grown diamond rings may be the perfect non-traditional ring for you and your spouse-to-be.


Alternatives to a white diamond altogether could be a completely different precious stone. Does your soon-to-be fiancé particularly like their birthstone? This could open you up to using one of these, such as an emerald, an opal, a sapphire or a ruby, in your unique engagement ring and adding a splash of color.


Yet another option is a salt and pepper diamond, which introduces black inclusions to a white diamond for a non-traditional engagement ring look. If this idea of mixing up the white diamond aesthetic appeals to you, have a talk with a jeweler and see some of these alternative precious stones in person. You might find one speaks to you more than others.


Experiment With Metals


Once you've got your perfect stone sorted or if you prefer to stick with a classic white diamond, it's time to think about the metal for the engagement ring itself. A unique engagement ring will stand apart from the rest and choosing different metals to form the bulk of the ring can help create that unique look.


Your alternative engagement ring could be made from platinum or iron, white gold or rose gold, brushed steel or yellow gold. What's important, apart from making sure you love the look of your unique engagement ring, is making sure that it won't react with the stone you've picked. 


If you've picked a more unusual precious stone, it's definitely worth having an open chat with a jewelry expert before you get your heart set on a metal that just won't work with your stone. Practicalities do need to come first if you want lasting perfection!


Find Your Perfect Shape


We all know the classic diamond look for but there's no reason to stick to that when making your engagement rings unique. A loose diamond comes in virtually any shape when it's first mined and so can your shape change as you like to make an alternative engagement ring.


What says romance and love more than a heart-shaped diamond set into your ring? You could play with circles, ovals, pears, or head to classic but alternative shapes like marquise and Asscher diamonds. The marquise has an oblong shape that helps fingers appear longer and slimmer. Asscher diamonds evoke the decadence of the art-deco style. 


The shape of your non-traditional ring might require a certain carat in your diamond or influence the width of the metal band. As ever, it's wise to consult an experienced jeweler when making your decision to make sure your romantic vision will work in the real world.


Make it Good Enough for Two


The tradition is one member of a couple giving a ring to their fiancé; more and more couples now are also doing reciprocal rings, where both partners will get an engagement ring before the big day itself and exchanging a wedding ring. Why not take this one step further and get ring sets, so that each engagement ring can complement and match the other. You can even pair unique engagement rings with alternative wedding rings so that your hand will model an alternative pairing that pairs well for the rest of your life.


Thinking of a particular theme, color, or pattern to link together various rings can carry even greater meaning for any couple. Alternative wedding rings and unique engagement rings, of course, tell their own story, so why not take this extra step to have several chapters in your romantic jewelry tale?


Step Away from the Ring All Together 


Some see an engagement ring in itself as a remnant from the past. Why not update the romantic tradition entirely by choosing a different piece of jewelry? After all, what can be a more unique engagement ring than no ring at all? You could keep the classic white diamond but set it into a white gold bracelet, hang a pepper diamond on a pendant necklace, or perhaps choose a locket with a precious memory enclosed inside.


This could be an especially good choice for those who do a lot of work with their hands and don't want to risk damaging a ring. For the alternative bride or groom, a special engagement piercing could be another avenue. Just like we said at the start, think about the personality and style of the wearer. Your fiancé will want something that matches and suits their own identity. Not everyone is a ring person, so don't let that obstruct the perfect engagement gift that symbolizes the rest of your lives together. 


If you shop Agape, you’ll find diamond earrings, bracelets, pendants, and more that can make your special someone glow during these happy days. Find a colored pendant or pair of earrings in their favorite shade, or choose one that represents the month they were born.Keep in mind that Agape offers a wide variety of lab-made diamonds and non-traditional rings as well that can keep things fresh and personalized.


Whatever you choose for your engagement jewelry, the important thing is that it represents your commitment and love. If you adore the jeweler you choose, you may even become a lifelong customer—there’s something meaningful and fun about returning to your engagement jeweler for future purchases (anniversary jewelry, anyone?).


Now that you've got your perfect unique engagement ring or gift idea, you'll be all set to create the perfect proposal. The care and consideration you've put into making their engagement jewelry unique and personal to them will surely shine through. There can be no better way to start off an engagement and a marriage than with one of these ideas for the perfect alternative engagement ring. 


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