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2020 Engagement Ring Trends

Spring is in the air—and so is engagement season!


Whether you're ready to pop the question now or you're waiting for the right moment and just want to be ready, we've got you covered with a list of some of the most popular engagement rings trending right now.


We fully understand that engagement ring trends come and go—but diamonds are forever. If you're afraid of going with a popular engagement ring choice because it might not be popular in five or ten years, don't worry; nothing says "forever" like the time and thought that goes into picking the perfect engagement ring trends.


There are so many styles to choose from, but here are some of our absolute favorites!


Rose Gold Rings


Rose gold has been one of the popular engagement ring trends for several years now. Rose gold is a simple way to add a little bit of elegant color into a ring without changing the color of the diamond. While platinum bands remain the most popular engagement ring and wedding band style—and are closely followed by white gold and classic yellow gold—rose gold has gained popularity in recent years. If your special someone has a knack for thinking outside of the box, a rose gold ring might be the perfect ring for them.


As rose gold has become a popular engagement ring trend, we've seen more and more celebrities sporting these pink-tinted yellow gold engagement rings. Blake Lively (married to Ryan Reynolds) wears a rose gold ring with a stunning pink oval shape diamond and a split shank band, while Lauren Conrad's husband William Tell went with a more classic round cut diamond and a delicate band of pavé stones.


Colored Gemstones


While many couples stick to the traditionally popular engagement ring styles, others are opting for a more modern look by adding a bit of color in the gemstones themselves. Picking the right gemstone means knowing your significant other well enough to choose a ring that suits their skin tone and compliments their sense of style. Among the most popular stones are sapphires and black diamonds, but the possibilities are immense when it comes to creating a colorful engagement ring.


There are a wide variety of colored gemstones and setting styles to choose from—you may decide to add your colorful sparkle as an accent in the side stones, or you could decide on a solitaire setting, or even come up with your own unique design! From blue sapphires to rich red rubies, from black diamonds to golden citrines, finding the perfect colored gemstones is a wonderful way to add flair to any engagement ring trends.


Celebrities like Lady Gaga, who rocked a pink sapphire engagement ring, and Anna Kournikova, with her stunning pink pear-shaped diamond, are just a couple of many recent faces bringing fame to one of the most popular engagement ring styles.


Halo Rings


Halo settings are a more extravagant take on the solitaire engagement ring, making it one of the more popular engagement ring styles of 2020. For a simpler look, the small halo diamonds are placed directly under the center stone to give the solitaire effect. For a bolder statement and a more eye-catching sparkle, small diamonds are placed around the center stone to create a halo effect. A pavé setting can be used on the band for added shine, and colored gemstones are often incorporated into this popular style.


A cushion-cut engagement ring framed by a double halo of micropavé diamonds is one example of a more stylized halo setting, whereas other engagement rings are simpler and features a single karat round-cut diamond surrounded by a smaller halo of diamonds on a platinum band.


There is no wrong or right way to design a halo engagement ring, making them the perfect ring to give to a future bride who is equally unique.


Minimalist Rings


Not everyone needs an Elizabeth Taylor ring in their life—and a growing number of couples have gravitated toward just the opposite: minimalist rings. Often, a minimalist engagement ring is just a simple solitaire diamond ring, varying in gemstone or diamond shape and band color. Many rings of this style feature a rose gold band to add a little flair to an otherwise very simple ring. The most popular engagement rings and wedding ring sets often include a simple band of small diamonds to accent the single diamond.


Brides-to-be love the sleek lines and clean elegance of minimalist rings, which directs most of the focus to their solitaire diamond. But if more than one diamond suits your tastes, minimalist rings can feature a larger center stone surrounded by two or three smaller diamonds. These rings are also where different shapes come in handy as far as the diamond cut is concerned. Brides who are interested in emerald cut, marquise cut, or a pear-shaped single diamond often choose a minimalist ring—especially when the diamond is higher quality and carries enough sparkle on its own. Minimalist rings are some of the most popular engagement rings on the market. 


Three Stone Rings


An engagement ring is a symbol of your love for your significant other, and many couples are choosing three stone rings as a way to outwardly display this connection. This is one of the biggest engagement ring trends visible these days. 


The three stones almost always have a deeper meaning. To some, the three stones signify friendship, love, and fidelity; to others, they stand for the past, present, and future with your loved one.


Perrie Edwards (engaged to One Direction's Zayn Malik) wears a relatively low-key three-diamond ring, with a 1.5 karat center stone between two slightly smaller cushion cut diamonds. Meghan Markle also sports a take on a three-stone ring, with the classic three stones on a pavé setting band.


Uniquely Cut Diamonds

Not every diamond is cut the same and not every diamond carries the same sparkle.


A unique bride-to-be deserves a ring style that stands out the way that she does. You don't have to choose a solitaire engagement ring in order to rock a unique diamond shape. Oval shapes, cushion cut, pear cut, and princess cut are just a few engagement ring styles to choose from—whether you're going for a massive center diamond or a smaller understated unique design, choosing the right cut for your soon-to-be fiance's tastes is just as important as picking the right ring size.


As with every aspect of fashion, popular engagement ring trends come and go. So don't worry if the popular engagement ring styles don't seem like something your bride-to-be would wear. An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and connection to the person you want to marry, and that connection will withstand the shuffle of top engagement ring trends.

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