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These Lab-Grown Diamonds are Ethical and Gorgeous

The Ethical Choice
In today's world and especially in the United States, we strive to be as conscious as possible about the things we buy. From the food we put into our bodies the cars we drive, many of us research and make adjustments depending on the ethical, economic, and environmental impact our choices will have.

It only makes sense that, eventually, this conscious way of making decisions would affect our fashion choices—and eventually how we choose our jewelry.

It's no secret that mined natural diamonds have a huge negative impact, both environmentally and ethically. For every single carat of natural diamond mined, nearly three tons of mineral waste is created. That's a lot of waste for such a small gemstone, and all that damage to the Earth's surface likely isn't worth it. And because children are considered "cheap labor", they are often employed in diamond mines for low wages in dangerous, and sometimes deadly, conditions. This lack of safety measures should make you pause. Most of the world's mined diamonds cannot even be used in the jewelry industry, and are often sold for industrial use in items like drill bits.

Clearly, mining diamonds has a massive negative impact with very little reward. But what can we, as diamond jewelry consumers, do about this?

One alternative to a natural diamond is getting jewelry with cubic zirconia. However, cubic zirconia is easily distinguishable from real diamonds to the naked eye, and is more likely to break, scratch, or lose clarity over time. While this is certainly a cheaper and more ethical alternative, it is not the only option when it comes to diamond alternatives.

How Do They Do It?
Agape Diamonds' goal is to offer unique, designer jewelry featuring beautiful synthetic diamonds and diamond alternatives at a low cost, without the harmful impacts on the environment or the exploration of diamond miners. Whether you're looking for the perfect engagement ring, or in the market for other diamond jewelry like bracelets and pendants, they strive to ensure that every customer receives the diamond jewelry the desire and can afford.

Contrary to popular belief, synthetic diamonds aren't cheap knockoffs of mined diamonds. In fact, certain lab diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from natural diamonds to the naked eye;  and because they are not created from carbon, they don't have any imperfections or inclusions.

Lab diamonds have nearly identical physical properties as Earth-mined diamonds and are created in two ways. The High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) method creates diamonds by replicating the extreme heat (over 4500 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressure of the Earth's mantle to melt carbon atoms and bonding them to form a synthetic diamond. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), which is regarded by the diamond industry as the superior method compared to the HPHT process, heats carbon-rich gas until it turns into a vapor, and those vapors crystalize around a small diamond seed in a vacuum chamber. Because they are still made from pure carbon, lab diamonds have the same chemical properties as mined diamonds, without the environmental and ethical impact.

But these diamond simulants aren't just ethical and affordable—they're also absolutely stunning in every way you'd expect from high-quality, designer diamond jewelry.  Regarded as the Premier Simulated Diamonds in the world, their Diamond Simulants are carefully crafted to be nearly flawless and colorless in every way.

All Sparkle, No Guilt
Agape Diamonds satisfies wish list-worthy fine jewelry at wholesale prices, cutting out the middleman in a jewelry store and allowing customers to save money and know that they're still getting high-quality products. And since all of Agape's gems are lab-grown or ethically sourced, you can make your purchase with a peace of mind that not all jewelers can offer.

Agape Diamonds is probably known best for their diamond engagement rings. Whether you're browsing engagement rings that sparkle, or looking for that perfect wedding ring set, there are so many unique choices that ensure that you will find that perfect choice for that special someone.

If you're looking for beautiful jewelry but not looking for diamond engagement rings, Agape Diamonds also offers many other types of jewelry, and diamond earrings are a simple way to show that special someone in your life just how special they are. As with choosing a diamond ring, there are different styles of diamond earrings: simple studs, halo earrings, and colored gemstones. The emerald stud is particularly beautiful, and while the Marquise-Cut Drop Style Earrings offer a whimsical elevation of your typical solitaire stud.

Similar to earrings, Agape Diamonds offers three pendant styles: solitaire gems, halo, and colored gemstone. These gemstone pendants are certified synthetic diamonds with the carat of diamond, sparkle, and clarity of natural diamonds, and each pendant comes with a diamond-cut cable chain, which can be customized to your desired length.

If you're looking for a simple, yet stunning and elegant touch, Agape Diamonds' designer tennis bracelets are the perfect addition to any special occasion. They come in single and double-tier settings, and each bracelet features over 50 of Agape's stunning synthetic diamonds, ensuring that all eyes are on that sparkle as you enter the room.

If you've already got the perfect white gold or sterling silver setting and you're just looking to add the gemstone, Agape Diamonds has a selection of loose diamonds in virtually every cut you could imagine. Choose from a selection of natural diamonds, lab diamonds, or synthetic diamonds and make that important piece truly one of a kind.

They'll Love It, and So Will Your Wallet
Agape Diamonds isn't just the best diamond retailer because of its ethical and environmental practices. Since customers buy directly from the source, they offer their diamonds and diamond jewelry at wholesale prices without having to go through a jeweler for the sale. They also offer hassle-free returns, should you need to return your diamond jewelry for any reason within 30 days of receipt.

If you're in need of financial assistance, Agape Diamonds also offers to finance and regularly has special offer deals and promotional discounts. Financing allows the customer to make three, six, or 12 monthly payments on their purchase, regardless of whether you're buying a diamond ring or a stunning pendant. They also offer free resizing and free shipping on all orders, ensuring that you're 100% satisfied with your purchase.

If you would like more information about diamond simulants or have questions about promotional discounts or financing, Agape Diamonds has a support team of real humans waiting to answer all of your questions.

Making a diamond purchase can be a scary decision, but with Agape Diamonds' ethically sourced natural diamonds and stunning lab diamonds and diamond simulants, customers can rest assured that they're making the perfect choice for both their wallet and the environment. Plus, the customer service is out of this world. Many people even head back for future purchases.

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