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Gift Guide For All Of The Ladies In Your Life

Do you have a special occasion coming up and want to get the special lady in your life something that sparkles? Maybe you're looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring for when you pop the question, or maybe you want to get her some diamond jewelry just because.

Nothing says "I love you" quite like fine jewelry. However, buying the right piece can make you feel like you're under extreme pressure.

And regardless of the occasion, we've put together the perfect gift guide for all of the ladies in your life in case you don't have access to their wish list.

Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring
Whether you're looking for a classic, natural diamond, lab-created engagement ringsa lab-grown made diamond, or a dazzling synthetic diamond ring, Agape Diamonds is the place to go if you want a quality engagement ring at a price that you can afford. You'll want to pick the right diamond and inclusions so you know you're making the best decision. Once you give us this necessary information, we can help you pick the perfect ring for your needs. 

Picking the Right Diamond
Natural Diamonds - With ethically-sourced, high-quality diamonds, you can make your purchase with peace of mind. Whether you're choosing a white gold or sterling silver band, you know this ethically-sourced diamond seed is worth the investment. 
Lab-Grown Diamonds - Lab-created diamond ringsgrown diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from natural-sourced diamonds to the naked eye, and are created in a lab environment using a high pressure called chemical vapor deposition and a natural diamond starter seed. Lab diamonds have similar physical properties to traditionally mined diamonds, making them excellent for both the United States jewelry industry as well as your conscience. Our lab-created diamonds are also reviewed by the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute so you can be assured of their quality.  
Synthetic Diamonds - Rather than using cubic zirconia or moissanite, Agape Simulated Diamonds are made from a material that more closely simulates a natural diamond, which gives them added value at a more affordable price point.
Ring Design
The diamond is only part of the process, and there are other features to factor into your choice. While Agape Diamonds offers custom engagement rings and lab-created diamonds, there are plenty of premade diamond rings that might just be your perfect choice. The designer engagement rings are particularly stunning, with designs and settings for nearly every jewelry taste.

Diamond Shape - Once you've chosen your gemstone, there are many diamond cuts to choose from. Princess and round cut are the most popular choices, but the emerald cut is slowly making a comeback slowly making a comeback because of celebrities like Katy Perry and The Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky. You'll also want to consider the carat of diamond here, too. 
Band Material - All of Agape Diamond's jewelry is made with your choice of precious metal: platinum, white gold, or yellow gold. Sterling silver is another excellent option for the discerning eye. 
Setting - There is a vast variety of choices to make when it comes to ring setting, such as a solitaire gemstone (by itself or with a halo of smaller gems), cathedral style, or three-stone rings. Regardless of which gem setting you choose, the style you pick should reflect the personality of that special someone.
Earrings for Her
Agape Diamonds might be best known for diamond engagement rings, but different occasions call for different types of jewelry, and diamond earrings are a simple way to show someone in your life how special they are. As with choosing a diamond ring, there are different styles of diamond earrings:

Stud - These earrings come in your typical diamond cuts, including emerald, round, and heart shape.
Halo - Customers can get a little more creative with this style, as they're available in drop-style and regular earrings. The white gold Round Cut Swirl is the perfect choice if you're looking for something with a little more flair.
Colored - If you want to elevate the halo style a step further, colored gemstones are a fun addition to diamond jewelry. These synthetic diamonds are the ideal gesture for that special someone in your life.
For a limited time, with the purchase of a diamond engagement ring or lab-created engagement rings, Agape Diamonds offers a free pair of 2.0Ct round cut 14k white gold stud earrings. This special offer won't last long, so make sure you double-check the promotion information.

Pendants that Sparkle
Similar to earrings, Agape Diamonds offers three pendant styles: solitaire, halo, and colored gemstone. The gemstone pendants are certified synthetic diamonds with the clarity and sparkle of real diamonds, and each comes with a diamond cut cable chain, which can be customized to make it uniquely yours.

Solitaire Gems - These simple yet stunning pendants set in a subtle prong setting, keeping the attention on the stone itself.
Halo Pendants - With over a dozen styles to choose from, these stunning pendants make the perfect gift for that unique person in your life.
Colored Gems- For added style, the colored gems come in Ruby (red), Emerald (green), Sapphire (blue), Topaz (light blue), and Citrine (yellow).
Designer Tennis Bracelets
Featuring princess or round cut diamonds in stunning single or double tier styles, these dazzling tennis bracelets each feature over 50 certified synthetic diamonds and 14k white gold. A tennis bracelet adds timeless elegance to any special occasion, adding that classic sparkle to the wrist that she won't be able to resist showing off.

Loose Diamonds
If you've already got a jewelry setting, whether handcrafted or purchased from a separate jeweler, or you're looking to replace an old or lost gemstone with one of Agape Diamonds' lab-grown or ethically sourced natural diamonds, Agape offers the option of buying loose diamonds for a fraction of the price of other fine jewelry companies.

Agape's loose diamonds and lab-created diamonds come in virtually every diamond cut, giving you the opportunity to choose the best diamond for your special occasion

Jewelry You Can Trust
Agape Diamonds might be the most ethical choice in the diamond industry, between the lab-grown diamond rings, and synthetic diamonds and conflict-free sourcing methods, but they're also highly desirable because they're so affordable. Agape sells diamonds straight to the customer instead of through a jeweler, cutting out the price of a middleman and ensuring that customers are pleased with their purchase from the start.

Agape offers excellent customer service, with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase and financing to help you pay your ring off over time. With a solid promise of lifetime warranty and maintenance, including resizing with free shipping, your jewelry will always sparkle the way it's meant to.

Regardless of what your occasion is or who that special lady might be, there are a multitude of diamond jewelry gifts available through Agape Diamonds at prices you can afford, knowing you've made an ethical choice in your purchase. We are here to help and make choosing your gift a breeze.

For special promotional discounts or to browse Agape's beautiful choice of synthetic, lab-created diamonds-grown, and natural diamonds, visit https://www.diamondslabcreated.com or reach out to the support team today. Make sure to keep us in mind for all your future purchases.

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