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See What Our Shoppers Are Buying: 5 of Our Most Popular Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab-created diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to earth-mined diamonds. Lab diamonds are man-made diamonds that consist of carbon atoms arranged in a diamond crystal structure with the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds. In other words, lab diamond rings appear visually identical to natural diamond rings—even jewelry experts find it difficult to distinguish between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds with the naked eye.

Lab diamonds are not only sought after for their sparkle and brilliance, but they also make a sustainable choice and do not harm the Earth's surface. Lab-created diamonds are also typically more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable clarity, cut, and carat size.

If you're thinking about tying the knot, here are five of our most popular lab-created diamond engagement rings.

Three Stone Trellis Wedding Set

Our timeless three-stone round cut Wedding Set is sure to sweep your fiancé off their feet. With beautiful criss-cross ribbons, stunning open windows that reflect the sparkle of the three center stones, and two brilliant rows of gemstones cascading down the bands, this platinum wedding ring set is the perfect complement to your fiancé's classic and effortless style.

Round Cut Cathedral Scallop Style With Accents

The scallop style is popular across the diamond industry. Our awe-inspiring Cathedral Scallop Style Engagement Ring will take your fiancé's breath away with its enticing sparkle that radiates from the brilliant center stone, the gorgeous cathedral setting, and gallery of pavé-style gemstones.

Asscher Cut Halo Style Trio Wedding Set in Platinum

The elegant Asscher Cut Halo Style Trio Wedding Set in Platinum features an Asscher cut center stone surrounded by pavé-style stones and showcases a shimmering halo with intricate detailing cascading down the band.

Princess-Cut Accented Cathedral Engagement Ring

Our breathtaking Princess Cut Accented Cathedral Engagement Ring is sure to leave your fiancé in awe. With peek-a-boo stones and gorgeous channel-set accent gemstones cascading around the band, this one-of-a-kind princess cut ring is an extraordinary take on a timeless diamond ring.

Round Cut Euro Style Engagement Ring with Channel Set Accents

The Round Cut Euro Style Engagement Ring with Channel Set Accents features a unique style with a round cut center stone hovering over a four-prong tension setting. Beautiful in its simplicity, a bridge of channel-set stones accent the band, creating a sense of grace and sophistication.

Why choose a lab diamond?

Every diamond engagement ring purchase is different. Simulated diamonds, like cubic zirconia and moissanite, are man-made single crystals. Synthetic diamonds can be manufactured to simulate the appearance, but not duplicate the characteristic properties of a natural diamond. Meanwhile, lab-created diamonds duplicate the physical, optical, and chemical properties of earth-mined diamonds.

While lab-created diamonds offer several advantages over mined diamonds, it’s important to remember that your engagement ring should represent your commitment to your true love. So, whether your heart is set on buying a natural diamond or lab-created diamond, be sure to do your homework on the diamond market before making a final decision. Simulated diamonds, like cubic zirconia and moissanite, are man-made single crystals. Synthetic diamonds can be manufactured to simulate the appearance, but not duplicate the characteristic properties of a natural diamond. Meanwhile, lab-created diamonds duplicate the physical, optical, and chemical properties of earth-mined diamonds. In many ways, lab-created diamonds win against their synthetic diamond counterparts, especially in the eyes of top gemologists.  

Environmental Sustainability

The total carbon footprint of an earth-mined diamond is considerably high, with the consequences of diamond mining extending far beyond carbon emissions. Over the last decade, diamond mining has been linked to numerous environmental consequences, including water pollution, habitat destruction, and soil erosion.

As a responsible and ethical alternative to real diamonds, lab diamonds require significantly less energy to grow in a lab using high-temperature high-pressure and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processes compared to diamond mining. It can also rely more on renewable energy instead of fossil fuels and gases.

Lab diamonds are grown by placing a diamond seed in a vacuum chamber and applying a combination of heat and extreme pressure to mimic the diamond growth process within the Earth's surface. After the diamond growth process is complete, loose diamonds are cut, polished, and graded by experts to create a HPHT diamond or CVD diamond with the same chemical properties, physical properties, and optical properties as a mined diamond. 

These gems and crystals maintain their brilliance and hardness. They also avoid flaws, imperfections, and impurities that you might expect from a lab-grown diamond. The high pressure-high temperature creation process is more ethical for creating diamond jewelry. This type of diamond merchandise should certainly make its way onto your wish list, especially when you consider that it looks the same as its natural counterparts.The gem quality can still match your preference in comparison to a natural diamond, especially when you consider that lab-created diamonds are an “imitation” of sorts. Whether you’re buying a necklace, a pear or emerald-cut ring, or a set of earrings, lab-grown diamonds are a great choice. There’s also the added benefit that they don’t contribute to practices like blood diamonds or conflict diamonds. The Agape Diamonds jewelry store is committed to quality and perfection for all of our designer collections. 

Affordable Diamond Prices

In recent years, technological advancements in the diamond industry and gem labs have made it easier for diamond companies to manufacture high-quality lab diamonds, contributing to the low price of durable lab diamonds.

Although lab diamonds typically hold a low resale value, couples can find lab diamonds at significantly lower diamond prices than mined diamonds of comparable carat weight. Additionally, couples interested in purchasing colored diamonds can often find lab-created diamonds for significantly lower prices than real diamonds.

If you're searching for the perfect diamond ring or wedding band, working with a wholesale jeweler can help you find the best lab diamond for your budget. Wholesale jewelers like Agape Diamonds offer free shipping within the United States on all future purchases and lower prices than popular designer collections from retailers like De Beers, Diamond Nexus, and James Allen. Paired with our promotional discounts and lifetime warranty, you can shop for the perfect diamond engagement ring knowing you're getting the best deal for your budget.

Impressive Craftsmanship

In a recent study on the purity and hardness of lab-created diamonds, expert jewelers found that lab diamonds, which are frequently manufactured for industrial use, were 10-times more durable than real diamonds.

At Agape Diamonds, every lab diamond is cut, faceted, and polished by experts with years of experience in the jewelry industry to ensure every diamond is free of inclusions, imperfections, and impurities. In addition, every lab-created diamond comes with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America with detailed information about gemstone color, cut, clarity, and the carat of diamond to ensure authenticity.

Unlike cubic zirconia, moissanite, and other diamond simulants and synthetic diamonds, lab diamonds by Agape Diamonds are guaranteed to last. Whether you're buying a white gold diamond engagement ring or rose gold diamond earrings, our lab-created diamonds won't fade, lose their sparkle, or show any inclusions.

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring is different for every couple. Whether you're planning to surprise your true love or preparing for your wedding, take the time to find the perfect ring and have fun shopping.

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